MC 6

The MC 6 is a hydraulic drilling rig designed for the execution of ground engineering works in confined or low overhead spaces and difficult access jobsites, including inside buildings, basements and small tunnels. This is possible due to the rig’s compact size and wide range of allowable mast movements. In addition, the MC 6 carries an exceptionally powerful engine for its weight category, and combined with the machine’s advanced modular hydraulic circuits, this rig can achieve remarkably high performance standards.

The MC 6 can accommodate a wide range of accessories and is suitable for any type of rotary or rotary-percussive drilling. The machine can be equipped with hydraulic proportional servo-assisted controls or with the innovative Comacchio radio control system. Like all Comacchio machines, the MC 6 can be customized according to specific customer needs.

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  • Engine Power:
    100 kW
  • Maximum Width:
    1100 - 1600 mm
  • Weight :
    6200 - 6800 kg
  • Mast Feed:
    943 - 3200 mm
  • Feed / Retract Force:
    5000 daN
  • Rotary Torque:
    450 - 1500 daNm
  • Rotary Speed Range:
    80 - 380 rpm
  • Clamp Range:
    45 - 325 mm

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