DTC Series

The DTC series was specially designed to satisfy the growing market of compact piling rigs which stand out in maneuverability, ease of transport, and low maintenance and running costs. Its innovative architecture boasts a steel boom which support a monolithic mast capable of independent vertical translation. The new concept of a boxed steel mast, which contains the telescopic Kelly bar, allows for a higher rigidity, better stability, and a reduction of noise during the tool discharge.

Other unique features include the possibility of a wide range of mast positions, with longer reach compared to a traditional machine, along with better visibility of the working area. The winches, mounted directly on the mast, make the rope movements independent from the mast positioning, improving the ease of operation and cables’ durability.

The DTC design choices ensure an overall lighter structure (at equivalent robustness) which permit the assembly on medium-small size excavators, leading to a significant reduction in costs. Furthermore, its compact size guarantees a superior agility in the jobsites, which results in high productivity comparable with much larger piling rigs.