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GEO Line

The GEO line includes compact hydraulic drills designed for a wide range of processes related to geognostic investigations and environmental monitoring activities, including continuous core drilling and core destruction surveys, Soil Penetration Tests (SPT), sampling, installation of piezometers, inclinometers and geotechnical instruments. The GEO line also includes medium-sized drilling machines which can be used for the construction of artesian wells, thanks to the pull and torque capacity of the rotating head.

The use of advanced hydraulic modular circuits guarantees high performance and allows the installation of a wide range of rotary heads and hydraulic hammers. This allows the machines of the GEO line to operate all rotary drilling systems (both direct, with sludge or air circulation, and reverse), down-the-hole hammers, coring equipment, rotary percussion and wire-line systems . Each machine offers multiple customization possibilities through a wide choice of accessories to adapt to the needs of the application, the characteristics of the terrain and the operating conditions.