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MC Line

A complete range of crawler drilling rigs for specialised civil engineering works, such as micropiles, anchors, jet grouting and consolidations in general. Equipped with an on-board or separate control unit, the MC line drills allow you to reach a great variety of mast positions and inclinations and to operate in small spaces .

Thanks to advanced hydraulic circuits, the models of the MC line provide a wide assortment of heads and hammers that lend themselves to the most varied types of drilling, both rotating and rotary percussion. All the machines can be equipped with proportional hydraulic controls or with a radio control capable of controlling all the functions of the machine, including the loading of the rods.

The drilling rigs of the MC line also provide a series of innovative and patented accessories that focus on operator safety and simplification / automation of the work processes on the construction site, and which allow a customisation of the machines according to the customer’s needs.