XD Series

The XD series machines are specially designed to work in extremely tight spaces with limited headroom and especially on jobsites where a standard piling rig won’t be able to access. The minimum working height of 2.6 m and the minimum width of 1 m will allow you new ways to complete your jobs.

The patented drilling attachments include a rotary system along with a telescopic Kelly bar, mounted on the mast with a gimbal joint, which guarantees a perfect verticality. A hydraulic cylinder and the interlocking Kelly bar provide the crowd force necessary to overcome harder soils.

In order to retain its versatility, the XD series machines are designed to allow for a full conversion back to the original excavator functionalities in less than 30 minutes. Despite the compact size, the XD series is equipped with all the features of larger rigs, such as auxiliary winch, depth meter, and hole-end limit switch.