MC 30

The MC 30 is a high performance hydraulic drilling rig designed for civil engineering works such as micropiles, CFA piles, jet grouting and consolidations in general. The rig’s robust base structure allows for the installation of a 16 m (52.5 ft) feed stroke mast, with optional mast extensions increasing the range up to 39 m (128 ft) for jet grouting or equipping the rig with the rod carousel. These features allow for drilling to a considerable depth with single passage or by means of semi-automatic rod loading.

The MC 30 can utilize a wide range of rotary heads, hydraulic drifters, double head systems and drilling accessories which are suitable for rotary or rotary-percussive drilling and can be equipped with hydraulic proportional servo-assisted controls or with a radio control.

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  • Engine Power:
    188 - 205 kW
  • Maximum Width:
    2500 - 3600 mm
  • Weight:
    33000 - 38000 kg
  • Mast Feed:
    13000 - 16000 mm
  • Feed / Retract Force:
    10000 - 15000 daN
  • Rotary Torque:
    1700 - 5500 daNm
  • Rotary Speed Range:
    50 - 260 rpm
  • Clamp Range:
    45 - 520 mm

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