The Vibroflot is a crane suspended tool used for Ground Compaction and Consolidation. It is a slim vibrator which is vertically lowered into the soil, using water pressure and gravity. Through vibrations, loose grainy soil will be compacted and stabilised. Modular additions of extension tubes allows greater depths to be reached.

ICE provides two models of hydraulic Vibroflots which differ in their eccentric moment. The vibroflots are uniquely constructed, allowing modular assembly of the equipment. With its patented eccentric and motor technologies, the ICE vibroflot boasts many advantages, such as low daily maintenance, easy jobsite maintenance, overheating protection, as well as advanced monitoring and data evaluation systems. Various accessories are available for the different applications, increasing its versatility

  • Unique modular construction
  • Fully adjustable eccentric mass
  • Patented eccentric and motor
  • Single or tandem usage
  • Very low daily maintenance
  • Easy jobsite maintenance
  • Overheating protection
  • Monitoring system
  • Data evaluation system