MC 12

Patented mast articulation system

The MC 12 is a versatile and powerful hydraulic drilling rig, designed for civil engineering works such as micropiles, anchors, jet grouting and consolidations in general. The compact dimensions and the variety of positioning and inclinations that can be reached thanks to the patented mast articulation system allow it to be used even in small spaces. The optional addition of a 360° fifth wheel makes it suitable for special tunnel works.

Equipped with advanced hydraulic modular circuits, the MC 12 can mount a myriad of rotation heads, hydraulic hammers, double head systems, water and sludge pumps and is able to operate any type of rotary or rotary-percussion drill. The machine can be equipped with servo-assisted proportional hydraulic controls or with remote control. Like all Comacchio machines, the MC 12 can be customized according to your specific needs.

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  • Engine Power:
    95 - 115 kW
  • Maximum Width:
    2100 - 2300 mm
  • Weight:
    11500 - 13500 kg
  • Mast Feed:
    2500 - 4000 mm
  • Feed / Retract Force:
    5500 daN
  • Rotary Torque:
    450 - 2325 daNm
  • Rotary Speed Range:
    80 - 290 rpm
  • Clamp Range:
    45 - 420 mm

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