Hydraulic Jack-in Piling Machine

Silent hydraulic pile driving machine is a new-type silent piling engineering mechanism. Pile driving and pulling are carried out by static force, eliminating the damage caused by the continuous impact load. The additional side-pressing function avoids the great noise and vibration while piling. Silent hydraulic pile driving machine can drive and pull precast concrete piles and steel plies, and can conveniently drive side piling and corner piling. It features easy operation, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, high mechanization level and high working security.

Tech Details    
Max. Pressing ForcekN18002400320040005000
Suitable Square Pile Sizemm150,200300, 350250,300,400250, 300, 400
Suitable Round Pile Sizemm250,300,400300, 400, 500300, 400, 500, 600
Piling Driving Speedm/min5.4/1.64.4/1.75.6/1.64.7/1.56.6/1.1
Cylinder Quantitypc44444
Pile Driving Srokem1.
Loading Pressure(Long Bridge)Mpa0.1130.0990.1050.1190.119
Short BridgeMpa0.1230.1180.1070.1270.136
Total Weightton6080120140160
Max. Pressing ForcekN60007000800080001000010000
Suitable Square Pile Sizemm350,400,450,500400,450,500,600
Suitable Round Pile Sizemm400,500,600,700,800
Piling Driving Speedm/min5.6/1.26.3/1.310.49/2.78/1.357.28/1.48.81/1.96 /1.31
Cylinder Quantitypc44646
Pile Driving Srokem1.
Loading Pressure(Long Bridge)Mpa0.1250.1490.1410.1370.1610.161
Short BridgeMpa0.1360.1570.1920.1780.2250.225
Total Weightton178186195197215219

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