Diesel Pile Hammer

Diesel pile hammer is currently the most popular equipment in terms of economical operating cost and relatively low capital investment in foundation engineering. It adopts the working principle of diesel engine to achieve the ability of continuously piling with high piling efficiency. The independent forced lubricating pump technology significantly prolong the lifespan of the diesel pile hammer. The advanced oil supply system is compact in structure and convenient for operation and maintenance. It can make up for the shortage of static pile press that it can not press batter piles.

Diesel pile hammer can drive precast concrete piles, steel pipe piles for onshore and marine piling. The upper and lower cylinder of the hammer can be self-lubricated at multiple points. The jumping height of the Ram in the diesel hammer can be adjusted by variable throttle control on the diesel oil pump. The operation safety is secured by emergency shutdown system, emergency transportation device, and piston slide-out prevention device.

Tech Details             
Impact weight (upper piston)kg8001280182025003000360046005000620072008000100001250016000
Power per strokekN.m27.2~12.843.52~20.4861.88~29.4385~39.2103.32~48.51112.9~56.5156.4~72.13180~80217~108.5244.8~122.4272~176340~220425~275516.8~348.8
Number of strokeL/min35~5235~5235~5235~5235~5235~5235~5235~5235~5035~5036~4536~4536~4537~45
Maximum explosive effect on pilekN50560668613041304169516951770180018002600260033954485
Max. weight suitable on pilekg30005000600070008000100001500020000250002700030000400005000070000
Max. rope diameter for trip gearmm~20~20~20~22~22~25~25~25~25~25~30~30~30~38
Fuel Consumption
Fuel (max)L/h3.856.
Lubrication oil (max)L/h2.
Hammer (approx.)kg205031103750555060508200920011400123001310016900205602550032800

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